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Showcasing b2b solutions for companies that love culture

My role

Working in collaboration with another visual designer, design director, and internal stakeholders at Thriver. I was responsible for both design and development (Webflow).

Thriver website mockup


Thriver is a one-stop platform for workplaces to plan culture-building services like events, meals, and activities for their teams.

As a company that pivoted its solution and rebranded during the pandemic, the Thriver marketing team was challenged to educate past customers and connect with new customers about their offerings. The Thriver homepage needed to promote how companies can thrive at a time when teams were struggling to stay connected and motivated.

Thriver services

The problem

Aligning a new brand, mission, and product with a seamless user experience

  • The previous homepage was adapted from the old brand identity and did not evoke the new mission of the company

  • The site needed to highlight Thriver's high-level offerings at a glance, with the ability to learn more or jump right into the product

  • Lastly, it needed to better reflect the look and feel of the Thriver product

Thriver website experts


Educate users so they can clearly understand who Thriver is, what they do, and why they do it.


Showcase high-level offerings


Convey unique value-add features of the platform


Highlight Thriver's provider partnership


Social proof to build trust with target audience


Evoke the mission to "fuel thriving workplaces"

Thriver website testimonial

The solution

A thriving brand presence with clear CTAs and conversion opportunities.

The design team spent time diving into how to tell this story cohesively with consideration for the user journey of learning about our product, balanced with CTAs that would get users exploring what we offer. With this redesign we also continued to evolve on our brand’s design language, exploring some new colours, graphic elements, and dynamic layouts.

In addition to the redesign, the design team also undertook an initiative to bring custom illustrations into the mix to evoke the feeling of the brand through more than just images.

Thriver website