Platterz recipe book

Promoting connection through cherished recipes


Working in collaboration with another visual designer at Thriver, I was responsible for conceptualizing and executing the layout and design of the PDF.

Platterz recipe book mockup


Platterz is a b2b catering platform that helps feed teams across North America

Platterz recipe book cover

The problem

When the pandemic hit, restaurant owners lost a significant part of their business.

Teams were suddenly working remotely and no longer needed catered meals delivered to their office. This also had a major impact on Platterz business and it was especially important during this time for the company to stay connected with its customers.

Platterz recipe book green curry
Platterz recipe book

Double page spread for green curry recipe


Platterz had several goals for the project:


Reconnect Platterz providers and customers


Brand exposure


Create emotional appeal and connection to brand

Platterz recipe book
Platterz recipe book

The solution

A multi-page PDF sharing treasured recipes from Platterz providers

The layout was strategically designed to also be used for social media posts (1x1) ratio.