Thriver SEO Landing Page Templates

Designing scalable marketing templates for SEO


Working as the individual designer in collaboration with SEO specialists and 3rd party developers. I was responsible for UX, design, and development handoff and QA.

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Thriver is a one-stop platform for workplaces to plan culture-building services like events, meals, and professional development for their teams.

As part of a marketing initiative, I was asked to design and develop a template for Webflow CMS that could be reused by the team to create unique pages for SEO and campaigns.

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The problem

While the marketing website is designed and built in Webflow, the process of building new pages can be time consuming.

The marketing team needed a solution that would shorten turnaround time through a templated page design and CMS. The challenge of this was to create a template that had enough flexibility and customization that each page would appear unique and dynamic.

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API displaying live services from Thriver platform


Thriver had two primary goals for the templated pages:


Conversions (lead gen)

Since users would be visiting these pages from search results, we wanted to capture their intent through the lead gen form



Design that allows for SEO keyword integration without being too text-heavy

Thriver SEO page template and testimonial

The solution

A highly strategic landing page with a clear storytelling experience.

The design solution also had enough constraints to ensure a consistent and clear message every time, allowing marketing to work quickly in implementing SEO optimized pages.

Thriver SEO page template
Thriver SEO page template
Thriver SEO page template


A high performing, easy to use Webflow CMS template

  • 25+ SEO optimized pages released

  • +59% increase in form submissions in Q1

  • Top-level ranking on Google search results

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