BioConnect Exhibit Design

An immersive experience of “banking without passwords”


Leading the creative concept and execution of interactive booth experience in collaboration with BioConnect team.

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BioConnect is a biometric security company producing hardware and software solutions for physical and digital spaces.

As part of the digital security space, BioConnect exhibited at Money20/20, a yearly FinTech conference for the financial services industry to connect on the latest trends in their industry.

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The problem

We live in a world where we use many approximations of our identity.

Fobs, pins, passwords, personal verification questions, and other inputs are not true representations of our identity and create many barriers to our finances. Imagine what it would be like if you could just be yourself without these technological barriers? This concept was the inspiration for our booth theme: #BeYou.

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BiConnect had 3 primary goals for the event:


Create an interactive booth that allows users to have a self-led experience


Generate buzz at the event about BioConnects innovative solutions and the use-cases it solves


Build relationships with existing clientele, allowing the sales team to show them our product in action and talk about their individualized needs

Rendering of booth design
Rendering of booth design

Booth renderings

The solution

An interactive experience that demonstrates the power of biometrics for financial technology.

The maze-like journey through the booth allowed individuals to perform a variety of everyday banking transactions while using their biometrics to confirm their identity. Powered by BioConnect’s biometric tech, users could perform actions such as withdrawing cash at an ATM, online shopping, accessing online banking, and verifying their voice.

Booth floorplan

Booth experience

What does it look like to perform your daily transactions with biometrics? These 5 stations allowed users to engage in the experience on their own, self-led journey.






Death by token


Account login


Death by token


Voice verification


Experience debrief

Floorplan and renderings

The solution

Engaging, bold, and unique, the BioConnect booth was buzzing with excited attendees

The experiential booth design drew in many event-goers and received quite a bit of buzz around the event. The booth was effective in showcasing a solution that was complex in a way that was clear and impactful to the audience.

Photo of booth