Branding | With Propeller Studios | 2017

SPARQ is an in-house passion product of Propeller. As lead designer, I was tasked with the conceptualization and creation of the SPARQ brand, design and copywriting for the promo site, and a key member in brainstorming all facets of the product.
SPARQ website


A task as monumental as naming a product was a new and exciting challenge for me. As part of my process, I did thorough research within our team to find out my colleagues expectations, goals, and vision they had for the product. I also set up several fun brainstorming sessions that including some great back and forth dialogue. Ultimately we settled on the name SPARQ – spelled with a “Q” to add distinct character and memorable.

Drawing on the whiteboard

Brainstorming names for the product.

Whiteboard covered in sketches

the results of our brainstorming session.

Visual Identity

Research was key in helping identify the style and tone of the identity. As our product has a diverse range of audiences, the brand needed to be both professional and fun/energetic. While appearing trustworthy, it also needed to inspire.

The final wordmark uses a customized sans-serif that is softened to make it appear friendly. An iconic use of the letter “Q” as a light bulb represents a burst of inspiration and igniting of ideas that occurs in learning. The logo is simple and legible, and the iconic “Q” is a strong tie to the brand and can be used as the logomark at small sizes.

SPARQ logo

Logo grid.

SPARQ Logo animation

Logo Animation.

SPARQ business card

Logo in use.

Promo site

The SPARQ promo site aims to inform potential users – specifically teachers – about the product. The goal with the site is to get these potential users to sign up for our newsletter and provide us with invaluable feedback (through surveys) on the product as we begin the process of building.

SPARQ promo site
BioConnect website

Web Design

BioConnect website

Exhibit Design

transit app

UX/UI Design

Sparq website

UX/UI Design




Brand Development & Marketing


Thesis Project

Habitat for Humanity rebrand