Habitat for Humanity

Rebrand | At York/Sheridan | 2016

A reimagination of the existing Habitat brand as part of a self-initiated project. The new visual identity reflects the spirit of Habitat’s organization; energized, uplifting, and optimistic.
Habitat tools


The new logo was inspired by the ‘praise hands’ emoji that implies a celebration or congratulations: as if to say, “job well done.” This idea reflects the community and spirit of the Habitat for Humanity volunteers.

Other symbolism at play in the mark is the idea of “raising up” or “building up”, as the hands support the ceiling of the house – which is also an arrow pointing up. The house that the hands and roof form is a literal connection to the work of Habitat for Humanity, while the “H” that is formed by the hands subtly references the organization’s initials.

Habitat logo
Construction Site with H4H sign


The iconography was designed as supporting graphic elements for the brand. Each of the five icons represent key areas that Habitat’s mission is built on: Strong Foundation, Build Up, Revitalize, Create Opportunity, Open the Way. The icons can be used on a variety of collateral including corporate stationery, volunteer apparel, and environmental applications.

Habitat iconography
Habitat stationary

Stationary design.

Voice and tone

A key part of Habitat’s identity relies on the voice and tone of their communications. Taglines used for Habitat’s web presence further communicate the brand's personality – they are always written in a friendly and relatable tone, with the secondary line that expresses humour and wit.

Habitat social
Habitat social
Habitat website

HFH website redesign.

Brand manual

The brand manual was created to help protect and nurture the Habitat for Humanity logo and brand application. It has information and guidelines that strengthen and promote the identity of the brand.

Habitat brand manual

Brand manual spread 01.

Habitat brand manual

Brand manual spread 02.

Habitat brand manual

Brand manual spread 03.

Habitat brand manual

Brand manual spread 04.

Habitat brand manual

Brand manual spread 05.

Habitat brand manual

Brand manual spread 06.

BioConnect website

Web Design

BioConnect website

Exhibit Design

transit app

UX/UI Design

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UX/UI Design




Brand Development & Marketing


Thesis Project

Habitat for Humanity rebrand